Toyota Brake Fluid Exchange Service

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Toyota Brake Fluid Exchange Service

As with most parts of your vehicle, over time they become worn down with the amount they are used. It’s no secret that your brakes are used often and are essential to the overall safety of you and other drivers on the road. Your brake fluid lives in a confined environment. Over time it can still absorb moisture which can then lead to corrosion in the brake system and even the brake lines. This moisture also lowers the boiling point which affects the vehicle’s brake pedal ability in repeated hard stops.

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Toyota Brake Fluid


Is it time for a brake fluid flush?

Typically, cars can go about four to five years without needing a brake flush. But, depending on personal driving habits and the environment it’s driven in, you might need it sooner rather than later. Our factory trained and certified technicians at Jay Wolfe Toyota are happy to check out your vehicle to see if this service is needed. Signs you need a brake fluid exchange:

  • Warning light – the best and most obvious sign is the brake light on your dashboard igniting to let you know something is wrong. Whether it be the fluid or something else, we highly recommend bringing your car in to see our technicians
  • Temperamental pedal – a properly functioning pedal should feel firm when applied. A “soft” or “spongy” pedal is unsafe and can be due to the brake fluid being unable to provide the pressure necessary to fuel the hydraulics system.
  • Pedal press – do you find yourself pressing the brake pedal either nearly all the way or all the way down? The likeliest cause is low brake fluid.

The frequency your brake fluid needs to be changed varies from make to make and can also be dependent on personal driving habits. Some manufacturers recommend a change once every two years or 20,000 miles. Our professional team at Toyota of West County will always make recommendations based on your owner’s manual.

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At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, our team of factory trained and certified technicians work hard to accurately diagnose your vehicle using the latest Toyota knowledge. By working with only genuine OEM parts, you are guaranteed the highest quality and longest lasting repairs every time. There’s a reason why drivers in the St. Louis and Baldwin, MO areas prefer our team for everything from routine maintenance to more demanding services and repairs!

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