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Inspired by peak racing technology, innovation, and driven to higher performance, the TRD lineup offers all of the accessories and performance parts for your Toyota car or truck. The original intention of the TRD package can be traced back to the 1998 Tacoma that featured off-road tires, alloy wheels, locking rear differential, and graphics. TRD has continued to drive innovative, high-performance advancements as evidenced by the new Tundra TRD sport package. With newer-model cars such as the Toyota 86 being unveiled for high-performance enthusiasts, TRD accessories are increasingly demanded by our loyal customers seeking a little more out of their average vehicle experience.

What TRD Accessories can I get for my Tacoma or Tundra model?

If you drive a Toyota Tundra or Tacoma, many performance accessories might interest you. From wheels to the driveline, TRD offers a robust selection of genuine high-performance accessories ready to take your off-road beast to the next level. Do you smile when having to navigate harsh terrain with ease to impress your truck-owning friends? We’ve got you covered at the Jay Wolfe TRD Accessories & Performance Department. Truck options begin with off-road packages featuring larger off-road wheels made of alloy. We also offer shock absorbers that will better smooth bumps as well as skid plates on the engine and fuel tank for added safety. Sometimes driving a Toyota means pulling your friend’s truck out of the mud. Never fret; we also have a TRD tow package with winch and tow hooks, so you never get stuck.


TRD Performance Parts

From high-performance engine parts to filters, we offer every high-performance TRD option available for your Toyota car or truck. Below is a list of the TRD Accessories & Performance parts menu in case you are interested in taking your Toyota car or truck to the next level of high performance:


Performance Filters

High-performance engines demand high-performance filters. Never risk installing a generic cabin air filter or engine air filter on a high-performance engine when we offer a broad selection of every filter necessary to support improved performance.


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Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Filter Accessories Ballwin, MO

Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Air Intake Accessories Ballwin, MO

Performance Air Intake

Be ready to feed your high-performance engine with a powerful intake system that can deliver the precision air-fuel blend that you need for high-performance driving.


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Performance Chassis & Suspension

Improve steering, handling, and driving comfort even on the most challenging terrains with chassis/suspension TRD parts.


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Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Chassis & Suspension Accessories Ballwin, MO

Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Brake Accessories Ballwin, MO

Performance Brakes

Powerful braking means power performance as well as safety; TRD Brakes are guaranteed to generate stopping power like never before.


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Performance Exhaust

Smooth, unobstructed airflow away from the engine is just as important as incoming air; TRD Exhaust components take airflow management to ultimate flow and efficiency.


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Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Exhaust Accessories Ballwin, MO

Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Wheels Accessories Ballwin, MO

Performance Wheels

Alloy wheels are durable yet lighter than steel design options. TRD Wheels are in high demand among car and truck drivers wanting the best where the rubber meets the road.


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Personalized Styling

We carry every TRD Styling Accessory available for your Toyota car, truck, or SUV. No matter if you want an exterior accessory to get a more personalized look or if you want an interior accessory to help your vehicle feel more like it represents you, we offer a robust selection of TRD Accessories.


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Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Styling Accessories Ballwin, MO

Jay Wolfe Toyota TRD Performance Engine Driveline Accessories Ballwin, MO

Engine Driveline

No matter if you have a Toyota Tacoma looking for a little performance boost on steep terrain or a new Toyota 86 that is primed for the racetrack, gain peace of mind with the TRD Accessory Engine Driveline lineup that can take your Toyota to the next level.


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Engineering Elite Performance

TRD can offer superior high-performance results through enhancements to alloy wheels, exhaust, chassis/suspension, air intake, brakes, and air filters. When you purchase and install a TRD Elite Performance Component, you rest assured knowing that you just installed the best part possible for greater performance results.

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