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Brake Pad Service in Ballwin, MO

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Brake Pad Service

New Brake Pads in Ballwin, MO

Your brake system is one of the most important parts of any car as it works to keep the driver safe and the other drivers on the road. That being said, making sure your brakes are in good working order is a must.

Your brake system is made up of a few different parts that all work together to stop your car when you press the brake pedal inside the car.

Jay Wolfe Toyota of West Country

Jay Wolfe Toyota of West Country has a fantastic customer waiting area as well as certified technicians and a state-of-the-art dealership to help get your car back out on the road.


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Brake Pad Replacement & Full Brake System Inspection in Ballwin, MO

Your brakes are made up of your calipers, rotors, brake lines, and brake pads. Brake pads wear down as you drive and eventually end up getting so worn and so thin that the calipers clamp down directly on the rotor which then warps the rotor and requires that it be replaced as well.

You can save the rotors if you take the time to get your brake pads changed out ever so often. In most cases, your mechanic or the manufacturer of the brake pads will suggest when to have them changed based on how many miles they have been on the car for.

Replacing Your Brake Pads

Having a brake pad service done close to home is a great way to ensure that you are going to be able to have your brake pads changed out and that you are going to be able to get back home after. The longer you wait to have a brake pad service the thinner the pads become.

When your brake pads are too thin, they become less effective and they do very little to help to protect the rotors from direct contact with the calipers, this means that your brakes may or may not stop well when you apply the brake pedal.

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Delaying Getting New Brake Pads

Brake pads are a necessary part of your brake system. Without them, your car is not going to be as effective when stopping. This means that your calipers are going to be clamping down directly on the rotors.

When this happens, the rotors become very hot and can become warped. It is much cheaper to change out brake pads than it is to replace calipers, rotors, and brake pads. Bad brake pads are going to make it harder for your car to stop and are going to make your brakes less effective.

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