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Head Gasket Replacement Service

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Head Gasket Replacement Service

Replacing Your Head Gasket

One of the most crucial components in your vehicle is the head gasket. Since terminal damage and a huge decrease in power can occur when this component goes bad, it is imperative to maintain it for optimal performance. The head gasket is a sealing gasket that is located between the cylinder head and the engine block. What it does is keep the coolant or engine oil inside the cylinders and help keep the compression ratio at its maximum. If you have noticed a decrease in power, it may be time to replace the head gasket. Trained Toyota technicians at Jay Wolfe Toyota will inspect your vehicles head gasket and determine if it needs to be replaced. A free multi-point inspection will be performed at the time of service to make sure your vehicle is operating at optimal performance.


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How We Will Service Your Head Gasket

To avoid a severely damaged engine, it is recommended that a faulty head gasket be replaced immediately. Repairing engines can be costly so at the first signs of damage this service can potentially save your hard earned money. If the head gasket fails in any way, this could mean serious trouble. Even minor leaks shouldn’t be overlooked with this crucial component. The leaking coolant can warp and damage your engine beyond repair if left unchecked. For these reasons, inspecting and repairing the head gasket as soon as possible is the best option to keep you on the road.

Ignoring Head Gasket Problems

A head gasket that is broken or blown will lead to a loss of compression and power. The reason is that the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head isn’t functioning properly. As a result, the engine can’t produce the compression needed to provide proper compression and torque. Another sign is that there may be overheating of the engine because exhaust gasses enter the cooling system. Extensive engine damage can occur under these conditions. A broken or blown head gasket can also result in increased oil consumption. It is strongly recommended you check your car if you have noticed decreased power. If diagnosed on time, a lot of money can be saved in unnecessary repairs. Your whole engine can be saved if this problem is fixed in a timely manner.

Premier Auto Service in West County

If you need a head gasket replacement or any repairs for your Toyota vehicles, stop by or give Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County in Ballwin, MO a call to schedule an appointment today! We are proud to serve St Louis and Chesterfield, MO. Our professional and courteous staff will be happy to assist you with all of your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs.

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