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Serpentine Belt Service

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Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Replacing Your Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a very important part of your car and its inner workings. As the car ages, and the serpentine belt encounters hours and hours of wear and tear, it begins to wear out and may need replacing. Your serpentine belt is a continuous belt that runs through the car and works a range of different systems, often on the periphery or your engine. This belt runs things like your air conditioning compressor, your power steering pump, the water pump for the car, the alternator and more. Though these peripheral devices are essential to the running of your car, they are not run by the larger belts in the system. Without this belt, you are going to run into multiple issues. Replacement is often recommended after a certain amount of time that can be found in the service schedule for your car.


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Serpentine Belt Replacement Service in Ballwin, MO

Your serpentine belt is going to start to go bad after a time and replacement is really the only way to repair a bad serpentine belt. Though your serpentine belt is often what is considered to be an accessory belt, it is still essential for your car. One big component that you lose when a serpentine belt goes out is engine cooling which means your engine will very likely overheat. Replacing a serpentine belt is going to make sure your car will run smoothly and comfortably as well.

What Happens if I Delay Getting a New Serpentine Belt?

If your serpentine belt goes out your car is still going to drive, it is just not going to drive well and it may not drive for long either. Without the water pump, your engine is going to overheat very easily and this can cause major damage to your engine. You are also going to lose things like your air conditioner and your alternator is not going to keep the battery charged which means your car may end up going dead as well. It is important that if you think you have a serpentine belt that is going out, you get it fixed quickly.

Why Choose Jay Wolfe Toyota of West Country

Jay Wolfe Toyota has a bistro with a full menu, free wifi, Starbucks coffee, beverages, a kid’s play area, charging stations and more. They also have certified Toyota technicians and free multi-point inspections. It is their aim to get your car back in working order as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back on the road and back to living life.

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