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Tire Replacement Service

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Tire Replacement Service

New Tires in Ballwin, MO

Your tires help to keep you safe while driving. They have a tread pattern that moves slush, snow and water out of the way for you to travel safely without skidding or sliding on the road. Since your tires are in constant contact with the road, they will eventually wear down to where they are unsafe. You should then get a tire replacement service to secure new tires for your vehicle.

Importance of Your Tires

Fortunately, there are several warning signs that you need new tires. Newer vehicles have a tire warning light that illuminates on the dash to alert you to any tire that has low air pressure. This indicates a leak in the tire that needs to be addressed. If your tread is low on your tires, you should have them replaced. Other indications of needing new tires include cracks on the sides of your tires, wear on only one side of a tire or all four tires and vibration on the road as you drive.


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What If I Wait to Get New Tires

If you notice any signs of needing new tires and you wait to get them, you could be in trouble if your car hydroplanes on water and causes an auto accident. If you need new tires and the tread is mostly worn out, you could damage your rims, leading to extra costs. Another thing to consider is that you won’t be able to pass your state inspection if you need new tires and then you won’t even be able to drive it on the state roadways.

Trust Our Service Professionals for Tire Replacement Service

You should only use a professional certified Toyota dealer for tire replacement service, such as Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County in Baldwin, MO. We have a state-of-the-art facility and certified Toyota technicians with a large selection of tires in stock. You can wait in our comfortable waiting room with Jay Wolfe Bistro and enjoy a bite to eat from the full-service menu. We also offer massage chairs, free Wi-Fi, a kid’s play area, a charging station and coffee and beverages along with Starbucks coffee. We also offer a free multi-point inspection of your vehicle to make certain that you know of upcoming repairs you will need in order to schedule them and stay safe on the road. You can visit our primary location in Ballwin or our other locations in St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO.

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Complimentary Service Amenities:


  • Jay Wolfe Bistro
  • Massage Chairs
  • Free WiFi
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • State of the Art Dealership
  • Kid’s Play Area
  • Full Menu at Bistro
  • Coffee / Beverages
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Charging Station
  • Certified Toyota Technicians
  • Free Multi-Point Inspection


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