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Tire Rotation Special

Tire Rotation Service inspects every tire’s tread wear and moves tires to a new location to promote even tread wear. We recommend Tire Rotation Service at routine maintenance intervals to promote even tread wear across every one of your tires. Tire wear is going to happen but tire rotation and balancing will promote even tire wear throughout the life of your tires. We know that front tires generally wear out faster because of steering pressures but rear tires on SUVs and trucks involved in towing can also have uneven tread wear.

Benefits of Tire Rotation Service

  • Tires wear evenly
  • The useful life of each tire is maximized
  • You decrease the risk of a blowout that leaves you stranded
  • Reduced tire maintenance costs
  • You get the best handling and driving experience


Save Money with Routine Tire Rotation Service

It really doesn’t matter if you drive a car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV because leaving your tires in the same position will cause some tires to wear out faster. As the wear gets worse, your tire life decreases rapidly, costing you more money for replacement tires and other repairs. If you don’t rotate your tires, they will eventually wear out and cost you more money to replace.

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It’s too much of a risk to drive on tires with uneven wear. To have the best safety and save some money, Wolfe Toyota of West County recommends a tire inspection at every oil change with tire rotation service as needed. If you have not had your tires inspected by a factory trained technician, schedule an appointment today at Wolfe Toyota of West County to have one of our certified technicians inspect your tires and develop the best tire rotation service strategy to prolong the life of your tires.

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