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Synthetic Oil & Your Toyota

Synthetic Oil moves through your engine under extreme heat and pressure to keep your engine lubricated, cool, and removes harmful particulates and unwanted deposits. The key benefit offered by Synthetic Oil is that it has additives that help it resist sludge to keep your engine efficient, lubricated, and running as cool as possible. Even though you have genuine Toyota approved synthetic oil, it will eventually start breaking down. That is when you will need to remove your old oil and replace it with fresh Toyota approved Synthetic Oil.

Signs that your Toyota needs Synthetic Oil Change Service:

  • Oil change maintenance light is on
  • Check engine light is on
  • Your engine oil is dark, sludgy, and/or gritty
  • You’ve driven beyond the recommended oil change service interval

If you drive your Toyota car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV with these warning signs, you are risking costly future repairs or even being left stranded.


Genuine Toyota Approved Synthetic Oil & Engine Parts Protection

Engine parts move and are in constant contact with other parts to generate friction and intense heat. In the extreme environment inside your Toyota engine, components wear out and synthetic oil breaks down. Your synthetic oil is the protective barrier between these parts. As your synthetic oil breaks down, the oil is unable to lubricate your engine parts properly. Toyota approved synthetic oils are able to retain their protective properties for much longer, which increases your engine’s life.

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If you have any signs that your Toyota vehicle needs Synthetic Oil Change Service, it is time to contact Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians. All Synthetic Oil Change Service will remove your old oil and filter and replace it with a new Toyota approved conventional oil and filter. We also offer synthetic oil change service to drivers located in Wildwood, MO.

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