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Transfer Case Service

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Transfer Case Service

Transfer Case Explained

The transfer case can be found on a Toyota that is a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. This transfer case allows these additional gears to be used during an operation. It has a responsibility to power both the front and rear axles on the vehicle, using transfer case fluid. Without this fluid, the vehicle would not be able to operate in four-wheel drive. Like all other fluids beneath the hood of your Toyota, it requires a service periodically. During the transfer case service, a certified technician will drain the old transfer case fluid and replace it with fresh fluid.

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Why You Need to Get Your Transfer Case Checked Out

The transfer case service should be completed at approximately every 30,000 miles. Like all other fluids that are used for operation in your Toyota, the transfer case fluid will break down and operation can become difficult. Having the service completed regularly ensures that the fluid remains fresh and the transfer case is able to properly shift gears when the Toyota moves into four-wheel drive.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Your Transfer Case Serviced

If you choose not to have your Toyota’s transfer case serviced and the transfer case fluid replaced, you will see a performance decline in your Toyota. First and foremost, the gears will begin to slip when attempting to use the four-wheel drive on your Toyota. Once they completely slip, your vehicle will not be able to be used in four-wheel drive until service is conducted. The Toyota will still be able to be driven in two-wheel drive for highway operation, but any work that your Toyota is responsible for in four-wheel drive will be obsolete. Also, the damage to the transfer case could be much more substantial than just changing the fluid. If the gears slipped too hard without fluid, they may need mechanical repair. These repair costs compare to that of transmission services and can be hundreds or even a thousand dollars in damages.

World-Class Auto Service from Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County

Having a quality service department maintain the life and longevity of your Toyota is important. At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, the technicians are certified in all vehicles Toyota and are the best service department for Toyota owners in Ballwin, St. Louis, and Chesterfield areas. Our service center has state-of-the-art that offers a premium service department as well as the customer lounge. While we service your Toyota, enjoy your wait with a massage in one of our massage chairs and coffee while you wait. Contact our service department today to schedule your next transfer case service or other Toyota service you may require.

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