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Toyota Two-Wheel Alignment

Your Home for Two-Wheel Alignment in Ballwin, MO

Is your car not driving straight? Have you noticed some strange wear patterns on your front wheels? Or do you just want to relax in the knowledge that your car’s steering is fully effective? At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, we have the solution. Our wheel alignment services are carried out by certified technicians who take pride in a job well done. We’re ready and waiting to keep your car’s wheels in shape.

Toyota Two-Wheel Alignment Service

An Overview of Wheel Alignment

Wheels do a lot of work on our cars. Thankfully, car makers plan for this and have documented the perfect position for your car’s wheels to be installed. When we do alignment checks, we use only the most accurate methods to check every angle of your wheels. Once we know where your wheels are, we then check your manufacturer’s recommended wheel angles. We align your wheels with those angles, we check for wear and tear on the parts in our complimentary multi-point inspection, and then your car is back on track!

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The Impacts of Misaligned Front Wheels

A slight change in angle may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference. Some drivers may even notice a pull to one side or have a loose feel to their steering. As a driver, you want to be in control, and steering is the main way you maintain that control. Misaligned wheels can also cause your tires to wear out quickly due to abnormal strain on the tires. A wheel alignment at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County will get you going where you want to go.

Getting Your Front Wheels Aligned

While many cars need all their wheels aligned, some larger cars have a secret weapon: a solid rear axle. This may not sound exciting, but it’s key in maintaining the back wheels perfectly straight through all sorts of driving. This means that only the front wheels on these cars will need to be adjusted, called a two-wheel alignment. Two-wheel alignments get you back on the road faster, safe in the knowledge that your tires won’t wear out too fast.

It’s Easy to Schedule an Appointment

We can put your worries to rest here at Jay Wolfe Toyota. Simply schedule an appointment online, and our certified team will keep your tires straight while you enjoy our free Wi-Fi and complimentary beverage and coffee bar. If you need to run errands while you wait, we also have rental cars and a courtesy transportation shuttle to keep you on the move. So schedule your appointment today, and let Jay Wolfe Toyota keep your car’s wheels rolling!

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