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Wheel Alignment

Jay Wolfe Toyota Wheel Alignment in Ballwin, MO

Keeping your wheels aligned help keep your car going straight and your tires lasting longer. Bring your car to Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County in Ballwin, MO today to get your alignment checked, tires rotated and balanced if needed.

Some cars need only the front end aligned, but cars with all-wheel drive or independent suspension will need a four-wheel alignment. Certified Toyota technicians at our state-of-the-art facility have the latest equipment and know-how to get your car aligned no matter what you need.


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Alignment Services in Ballwin, MO

If your car goes straight when you let go of the steering wheel, it may not need an alignment. However, if it veers to either side when you let go of the wheel, you need an alignment. Sometimes the steering wheel will vibrate as well when alignment is needed.

Tires normally wear out faster on one side or the other if the alignment is not correct. This will wear out your tires faster than needed and could cause problems with other areas of your car’s steering system. Whether you notice a problem or not, it is a good idea to get your alignment checked annually.

Driving on Misaligned Wheels

Not keeping up with your alignment will probably end up costing you more than the alignment in the long run because you will have to buy tires sooner than you would have. A bad alignment makes your car harder to steer and could cause an accident in extreme cases.

Wheel alignment will only get worse, so eventually, it will be hard to steer your car or even keep it on the road at high speeds. Getting your alignment done is a matter of economics and safety.

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Auto Service in Ballwin, MO – Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County

Bring your car to Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County in Ballwin, MO today or an inspection of your alignment and steering system. We also serve the St, Louis area and Chesterfield, MO. We will take care of your car as if it were our own, and we will try to make you as comfortable as possible while you wait.

Getting your car’s alignment checked will not take a lot of time, so enjoy our amenities while you are here. If it takes longer, you can know your car is in good hands with us. Keep your car running well and on the road by getting service at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County.

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