How the 2016 Toyota RAV4 All Wheel Drive Works

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How the 2016 Toyota RAV4 All Wheel Drive Works

If you’ve had the pleasure of driving the 2016 RAV4, you know how amazing the handling and control are. Its precision steering and responsive suspension make driving the RAV4 a fun experience. Front-wheel drive is the standard for the 2016 RAV4, but there’s a fancy new option if you’re looking for an all wheel drive version. New for the 2016 Toyota RAV4 is Dynamic Torque Control AWD. All wheel drive isn’t new to the RAV4, but Dynamic Torque Control AWD is. The technology is shared with its big brother, the 2016 Highlander, and it’s a phenomenal design that makes traversing even the most inclement weather and road conditions a breeze.

What is Dynamic Torque Control all wheel drive?

For those who won’t let Mother Nature dictate when and where they should drive, all wheel drive is critical. Dynamic Torque Control AWD takes it a step further, factoring in more than just when the traction is less than perfect to provide torque to the rear wheels.
A complex system of sensors and monitor traction and adapt torque distribution in all conditions. Inputs include vehicle speed, steering speed, steering angle, throttle input and more. When you’re driving in normal conditions, the system reverts to simply front wheel drive to save fuel economy. If there’s any slippage detected, however, Dynamic Torque Control sends up to 50 percent of the torque to the rear wheels to maintain the vehicle control and direction of travel. When you’re turning, Dynamic Torque Control can provide additional torque to the outside rear wheel so you can make the most precise turns possible without losing control or sliding.
Dynamic Torque Control All-Wheel Drive also has AWD Lock mode at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. If you know the road conditions are dicey, set it to AWD Lock for equal front and rear torque. If driving at the edge of the limits is more your style, toy with the Dynamic Torque Control Sport Mode. It makes the all-wheel drive system operate at peak performance so your RAV4 feels like it’s running on rails. For the ultimate in precision handling and control with the 2016 Toyota RAV4, choose the added Dynamic Torque Control All Wheel Drive. For more information or to take one for a test drive, contact a sales professional at Toyota of West County. We’d be happy to help.

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