All Wheel Drive Toyota Models to Keep You in Control

August 9th, 2018 by

If you’ve driven through all four seasons, you know that traction can sometimes get away on you. You find your wheels spinning when you accelerate from a stop, it can be hard to steer through a slippery corner, or you could suddenly lose traction without warning. It’s in these moments you wish you had an all wheel drive Toyota.

What is All Wheel Drive?

Most passenger cars are front-wheel drive. The front-mounted engine powers just the front wheels – the rear wheels don’t do much other than braking.

On an all-wheel drive vehicle, the front wheels primarily power the vehicle still. But when your car detects a loss of traction, components in the drivetrain split power between the front and rear wheels. It’s the best way to stay in control of your Toyota – and out of an accident – when the road conditions are less than ideal.

Five All Wheel Drive Toyota Models

In the Toyota lineup, you’ll find five awesome vehicles that have all-wheel drive.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota’s midsize crossover SUV can be bought as just front-wheel drive, but it’s perhaps the most versatile all wheel drive Toyota you can find. With three rows of seating, a 3.5-liter V6 (with all-wheel drive), and a ton of cargo capacity, the Toyota Highlander is a fantastic family vehicle choice.

There are five trim levels available for the Toyota Highlander, so you’ll find one with the equipment you want for your family. Choose yours with Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive for the safest drive possible.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Love the versatility of the Toyota Highlander but want enhanced efficiency? The Highlander Hybrid is available in three great trim levels, and is one of the all wheel drive Toyota models.

It works a little differently than the conventional Highlander’s all-wheel drive system. Known as Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive with intelligence, the Highlander Hybrid has an electric motor to power the rear wheels when it gets dicey on the roads.

Toyota Sienna

It’s the only minivan in its class with available all-wheel drive, and that says something. The Toyota Sienna is incredibly powerful and fun to drive, packed full of in-cabin tech, and has the space you want for passengers and luggage. To go with its class-exclusive all-wheel drive system is a 296-hp V6 engine and a Direct Shift eight-speed transmission for the control you want in all situations.

Toyota RAV4

Need a versatile SUV, but a little more compact? The Toyota RAV4 is your answer. It’s one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market, and for many reasons – tech, efficiency, style, and safety.

It’s also available with Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive with intelligence. When the road conditions go downhill, the Toyota RAV4 is ready to meet the challenge head-on.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

That same Toyota RAV4 is available as a Toyota Hybrid model. Marked by an efficient Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder with 194 horsepower and the style and substance you’d find in the RAV4 lineup, the RAV4 Hybrid also has Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive with intelligence (AWD-i).


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