Apple CarPlay is Coming to Toyota Models!

January 19th, 2018 by

Toyota owners, rejoice! When you shop for a Toyota in the future, you’ll have the option of choosing a model equipped with Apple CarPlay. At the 2018 North American International Auto Show, the 2019 Toyota Avalon has been unveiled and Apple CarPlay technology is going to be available.

It’s the first model that Toyota will build with Apple CarPlay available. Until now, Toyota models haven’t been equipped with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay because Toyota preferred to use their own, proven technology. Yet in today’s marketplace where 95 percent of car owners have a smartphone, it’s increasingly popular to choose a model that integrates seamlessly with their device.

What Does Apple CarPlay Do?

At its core, Apple CarPlay makes it possible to control many of your Apple iPhone’s features through your infotainment system. The in-dash touchscreen acts as an extension of your phone, letting you do things in your car that you shouldn’t do on the handheld device.

You can use integrated Navigation through your phone’s map applications. Select music from your phone, stream it from an online provider, or use Siri for voice controls. Place calls and accept incoming calls, send and receive messages, or get directions. Apple CarPlay is compatible with popular apps like Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast, and Apple’s Podcast and Audiobooks apps.


Using features through CarPlay is simple and intuitive. The initial setup takes just moments. When you connect your iPhone to your Toyota with a lightning cable, it begins the process. Follow the prompts for the first use setup – anytime you use it after, it’s ready to go once you plug the cable in.

In addition to Apple CarPlay, Qi-compatible wireless charging will be available on the 2019 Toyota Avalon. Keep coming back to learn more about important tech features and safety equipment that Toyota develops for new models.


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