Driving Skills Every Teen Should Know

February 24th, 2017 by

When you learned to drive, how long did it take for you to figure out the rules of the road? Not just the actual ‘rules’, but the unwritten rules as well? My friends, there are driving skills that everyone should know…but not everyone does. If your teen is learning to drive, these are some driving skills they should know before getting their license.

Teen Driving Skills

Merge lanes don’t require a complete stop

If it’s safe to do so, you can actually accelerate in a merge lane. It’s there for the purpose of integrating into a moving lane, which requires that you match their speed. If you come to a stop and just wait for a big enough opening — well, you might as well grab a pillow. You’ll be there all night.

Be watchful as you enter a merge lane. Be aware of moving traffic in every direction, but be confident in your driving skills. Most drivers will let someone merge into their lane if they aren’t being slowed down.

Your instincts are often wrong

When you get into a bit of trouble on the road, your brain instinctively tells you its opinion. Your instincts usually aren’t right when you’re new to driving, so rely on what you’ve learned instead. If you trust your instincts, you’ll find yourself stuck in a ditch, crashed into another car, or spinning out on a slippery highway.

Sometimes, pulling out of a slide requires acceleration, not brakes. It’s counter-intuitive, which is why you should rely on what you’ve been taught.

Vehicles run on fuel

It doesn’t magically regenerate in the fuel tank. The driver needs to go to the gas station and refill the tank. This is even more important for teen drivers. It shows an appreciation for the ability to use a vehicle, and endears a loving parent to lend the car out again the next time.

Many parents are keen to pay for fueling up as long as you go to the gas station. A little consideration goes a long way. And while you’re at it, grab a car wash.

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