Extended Warranty is a Great Way to Get More from Your Toyota

March 9th, 2018 by

Buying a Toyota is just the start. You have years of driving enjoyment ahead of you. With a Toyota SUV or truck, you can blaze new trails. Toyota cars can take you further without breaking the bank. And Toyota models of all kinds are among the most dependable cars on the road today. So why would you need extended warranty?

Here’s the thing: no matter how awesome a vehicle you buy, it will eventually need repairs. Yes, even a Toyota. In the marketplace today, repair costs are escalating because of rising labor costs as well as high-tech components.

Basic repairs like an oil leak repair can be a few hundred dollars. Big jobs like engine repairs and transmission replacements are priced in the thousands.

Why is an Extended Warranty Important?

When you look at the cost of vehicle repairs, you’re missing some information. If your Toyota is in the shop for a few days, how will you get around? Do you have enough savings to pay for the repairs on your own? And what if you’re stuck on the road somewhere with your vehicle – how will it get to the shop?

An extended warranty offers more than just coverage for repairs. In many cases, it includes emergency roadside assistance, rental vehicle coverage, and even concierge services. Plus, instead of having to pay for the whole repair out of pocket, you’ll just have the deductible you’ve chosen.


A Toyota Extended Warranty or Vehicle Service Agreement is available on most vehicles. It’s sold through Toyota Financial Services an is one of the best ways to keep your Toyota in top condition. With lengths and rates that suit virtually everyone, you’ll find an extended warranty that fits your needs.

At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, we can help you figure out the best extended warranty for you. Visit us today to get more information on Toyota Vehicle Service Agreements.


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