Choose Genuine Toyota Parts, and Here’s Why

January 5th, 2018 by

You’ve just had your Toyota serviced or repaired. It’s all working fine one second. Then suddenly, the same issue you’ve just had fixed happens all over again. It’s incredibly frustrating and inconvenient, and it’s a situation you could’ve avoided if you’d used genuine Toyota parts.

Whether it’s an oil and filter change, a new set of brake pads, an engine repair, an alternator replacement, or any other problem, the right part for the job is important. When you own a Toyota, nothing does the job like genuine Toyota parts.

Why Choose Genuine Toyota Parts

Precise Fit

When you want a part to fit just like the original, there’s only one choice. Choose genuine Toyota parts every time. From a fuel pump to the radiator and a wheel hub to a window switch, only Toyota parts are guaranteed to fit the job just right. You might be tempted to choose an aftermarket component, but why pick something that’s imitating the original and may not fit right?

High Quality Manufacturing

Toyota doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to replacement parts. Because Toyota has a reputation to uphold as the most dependable car brand, only the best parts manufacturing processes will do.

Competitive Pricing

Think you’re saving money by shopping at the big box store? Think again. In many cases, genuine Toyota parts are just as cost effective as the aftermarket parts available. And if you take into consideration that aftermarket parts will likely fail sooner, you’ll actually be paying more in the long run when you choose cheap parts.  

Backed By Toyota

Toyota has your back when you choose genuine Toyota parts for your car. All genuine Toyota parts carry a 1-year/12,000-mile warranty against manufacturer’s defect. If you have them installed at the Toyota dealership, that includes both parts and labor!


Don’t skimp when you need Toyota maintenance and repairs. Choose Genuine Toyota parts – you’ll be happy you did. And when you choose Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County as your parts and service provider, you’ll get the most professional service to go along with it.

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