Help Prevent Car Battery Problems

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Car Battery

Help Prevent Car Battery Problems

Whether summer or winter, car battery problems are exasperating. Not only is it debilitating for your car but it probably means you’re going to be late for something. It might be work, swimming lessons, or even a flight you’ll end up missing, and it’s all completely preventable.

Car batteries are designed to be recharged over and over again. They’re incredibly reliable even when they aren’t at full capacity. Starting your car is by far the hardest part of your battery’s job, and it’s the one thing that takes a toll on its life expectancy. Literally thousands of starts, and it’s bound to get a little weak.

Eventually, that car battery won’t fully recharge. On average, a battery’s life is anywhere from three to five years, and any longer than that is borrowed time. Regardless if you’re closer to the three-year mark or past five years, you can prevent car battery issues with these few easy tips.

Keep your car battery serviced

Corrosion builds up on the battery terminals and cables. It can interfere with the electrical charge going from the battery to your vehicle’s components. If there is corrosion on the terminals, have a battery service performed. It may need to be done annually on your Toyota.

Maintain a full battery

If you use your car for short drives only, you may find the battery drains down from starting and doesn’t get a chance to fully recharge. You can either go for a longer drive once a month or you can use a trickle charger to keep your battery fully charged.

Get your battery tested seasonally

Every spring and fall service, have your Toyota service technician test your battery. That way, if the battery is weak or fails its test, you can have it replaced before you get stranded somewhere.

Don’t let your battery fully discharge

The most difficult thing you can ask of your battery is to fully recharge after being depleted completely. Often, the battery will never be the same, losing a bit of life every time it dies. If you’re going to be away for a while, disconnect the battery cables or pull the ignition off-draw (IOD) fuse to eliminate any parasitic draws.

If you experience battery issues, Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County will take care of you. Our factory-trained Toyota technicians will test your battery and replace it with a high-quality Toyota car battery if necessary. Just give us a call or drop in for an appointment.

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