Here’s How to Get the Most Life From Your Tires

August 12th, 2016 by

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Here’s How to Get the Most Life From Your Tires

Your Toyota, like every other vehicle on the road, rides on a cushion of air that absorbs vibrations and harsh impact with the road. It’s not a hovercraft, though. Your Toyota’s ride is cushioned by tires that are inflated with air.

Your tires aren’t just for comfort. Their most important role is to provide traction no matter what the road conditions are like. The sipes (small lines) flex to grip the surface of the road so you can accelerate and brake safely and turn your wheels in a controlled manner.

Alas, nothing lasts forever. The trade-off for tire grip is wear. That means that eventually your tires will wear out and they will need to be replaced.

Whether you drive a Toyota or any other car make, tires are expensive. You’d like those grippy rubber rings to last as long as possible. Here are just a few ideas to get the most life from your tire tread.

TRY to use moderate acceleration.

Some Toyota vehicles like the Camry and the Tacoma are so much fun to drive that you can’t help but tweak the throttle from time to time. That’s fine, but if you hit the gas hard every time you speed up, you’re going to wear your tires out much sooner than necessary. Keep acceleration moderate or light to extend your tread life as long as possible.

Keep your tires properly inflated.

Too much air and the center of your tread will wear out early. Too little tire pressure and the shoulders will be worn. Consistent treadwear that will last as long as possible requires the right inflation at all times. Use the pressure spec on your Toyota’s driver’s door pillar, and check your tire pressures at least every month.

Get a wheel alignment.

If your steering wheel tugs either way when you drive, it means your tires aren’t moving in a straight line when your steering wheel is straight. That causes “scrubbing” on your tread which can wear your tire tread out way faster than it should. Have a wheel alignment performed annually to prevent premature tire wear.

Fix steering and suspension issues.

Loose or worn steering and suspension parts contribute to excessive tire wear. You might get feathering on your tires, uneven wear, or belt separation, not to mention that loose components could be dangerous to your handling. Get steering and suspension problems fixed right away.

If your tires are worn and need to be replaced, or if you need assistance making sure your tire condition is proper, contact us today! The service professionals at Toyota of West County are here to make sure your Toyota is operating at its best in all conditions.

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