How Does Your Toyota’s Suspension System Work?

July 21st, 2017 by

When you drive a Toyota car, truck, SUV or minivan, you’re going to appreciate its smooth ride. Driving over rough roads or bumps might cause your teeth to rattle if you’re in your old car, but a new Toyota feels stable and smooth as silk. That’s all because of the suspension system. Every vehicle has it, but how does car suspension work?

What Makes Up a Suspension System?

Each Toyota vehicle has its own specific design, but in general, they function in similar ways. These are the components that make up a suspension system.


The primary components that truly make your vehicle ‘suspend’ are its springs. Nearly all Toyotas use coil springs on both the front and rear suspension systems, except for trucks. Toyota trucks use multi-leaf rear springs, but the purpose is still the same.

Springs compress when force is exerted on them, but they always return to their original shape. The springs determine a vehicle’s ride height and enable a vehicle to rebound when it goes over rough roads.


Struts are used in conjunction with coil springs in many cases, making them an integral component in the suspension system. They perform the role of absorbing and neutralizing bounce when your car goes over bumps by transferring fluid inside when strut cartridge in a controlled manner.


Like struts, shock absorbers neutralize the rebound from the strut to reduce bounciness. Fluid inside the shock is pushed through a baffle to effectively reduce the amount of rebound you experience.


A front and rear sway bar, along with stabilizer links, reduce the side-to-side sway your Toyota experiences, especially when turning. These links perform a supporting role to make your drive as comfortable as possible.


If your Toyota isn’t riding as well as it used to or you have banging or clunking noises while you drive, you might require work on your suspension. At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, our service staff are experts in your Toyota’s suspension system and can get your car back in top shape. Give us a call or stop in to get your suspension checked out.

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