How is Your Toyota Holding Up This Winter?

January 26th, 2018 by

It’s been one of the coldest winters in memory for Missouri. This kind of weather makes you want to make yourself into a blanket burrito, turn on the fireplace, and stay indoors for the next few months. But since that’s not possible, you get in your car and do your normal routine – just much colder. Have you checked on how your Toyota is holding up this winter?

Cold weather is as hard on cars as it is on people. While Toyota cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs are the most dependable in the world, they don’t like the cold any more than you. You can help your Toyota through the winter with a few helpful tips.

Let the Engine Warm Up

It’s not necessary to idle your engine for 10 minutes before driving. It takes just 30 to 60 seconds for all the fluids to circulate and be ready to drive. The interior also heats faster if you’re driving instead of idling. But short trips aren’t good. When you start your Toyota, make sure it gets to operating temperature before you shut the engine off. Frequent short trips can cause moisture to build up in the crankcase, transmission, and on electrical parts which will cause problems in the future.

Get the Battery Checked

Have you noticed the engine turns over slower when it’s cold out? It could be normal, or it might be the battery is getting worn down. Symptoms include being slow to turn over, flickering lights, and needing a boost. A battery typically lasts just three to five years, then it needs to be changed. Have your battery tested before you get stranded with a dead battery.

Change the Fluids

You can make it easier on your car to start and operate this winter with a little fall-time TLC. Fresh engine oil gives the engine less friction to overcome and allows your engine to turn over easier. New engine antifreeze can prevent freeze-up in the cooling system that could damage components. Cold-weather power steering fluid on older Toyota’s can prevent blown power steering hoses when the temperature goes sub-zero.


How is your Toyota holding up this winter? If you have concerns about its condition, don’t risk it. Bring your Toyota to Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County for a winter check-up. You can avoid getting left out in the cold!

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