How to Activate Apple CarPlay

January 30th, 2019 by

That brand new Toyota CH-R, RAV4, Highlander, Camry, or Tacoma you bought was supposed to be equipped with Apple CarPlay. It’s listed on the window sticker and you’re sure your salesperson told you it had the feature. The problem is that you can’t find it anywhere on your Toyota’s audio system. Maybe you need to activate Apple CarPlay…but how do you do that?
For a quick tutorial on how to activate Apple CarPlay in your Toyota, we look to Brad Gilbert, product specialist extraordinaire at Jay Wolfe Toyota.

Wait a Sec. What is Apple CarPlay Anyway?

That fancy little smartphone in your pocket – if it has an Apple logo on it, there’s a good chance it has Apple CarPlay capabilities. Most new Toyota models are compatible with Apple CarPlay too. It takes many of the normal features you use on your iPhone and puts them directly on your car’s infotainment screen, at your fingertips. Features like Messages, Music, Maps, your Toyota app, Audiobooks, Waze, and several other connectivity and music streaming apps can be used seamlessly on your radio display, just like on your phone screen.

Let’s Activate Apple CarPlay

Press the MENU button on your infotainment screen. Do you see an Apple CarPlay icon? If you don’t – and your Toyota is definitely equipped with it – it’s just a matter of activating the feature.

Access the SETUP Menu

Press the MENU button your infotainment screen. Then, select the SETUP icon to access…well…setup selections. The icon is a big gear.

Find Apple CarPlay in the Options

Scroll down in the option list until you find Apple CarPlay listed on the screen. Beside it, you’ll see a selection box. If it shows ‘Off’, guess what? Apple CarPlay needs to be activated. Tap the selection box to change it to ‘On’.

Navigate Back to the Menu

Press the HOME button to get back to your home screen. From there, press MENU once again. You’ll see a new icon on the display for Apple CarPlay. That’s all it takes to activate it.

Connect to Apple CarPlay

Using an Apple lightning cable, connect your iPhone to your Toyota. Select the Apple CarPlay icon in the menu to see all available apps listed on the screen.

Wondering if your Toyota is equipped with Apple CarPlay, or are you looking for a vehicle with that kind of connectivity? Visit Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County where product specialists can help you with all your needs.

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