How to Check Your Fluids

December 30th, 2016 by

Now or old, maintaining your Toyota is a requirement if you want it to last. Tire rotations, oil changes, annual inspections — all are routine maintenance items you should have us perform for you. But in between services, you should be doing your part too. You should know how to check your fluids, and when to check them.

Why, you ask? The answer is simple. It can be months between your visits to our Toyota service department, and problems can come up in the meantime. And if you’re headed out on a long road trip, you can have peace of mind when you know your vehicle is in good shape.

How Often Should You Check Your Fluids?

Underhood fluid checks should be part of your routine. Ideally, you should check your fluids every time you fill your fuel tank. At minimum, though, you should check your fluids once a month.

What Are You Looking At?

All you want to do is ensure the fluids are full and clean. It’s easy, but so important!

  • Your engine oil should be a golden honey brown color, and it turns dark brown or black when it’s dirty and needs to be changed.
  • Your transmission fluid should be bright red or pink. It turns brown and smells burnt when it’s time to have a transmission service completed.
  • Your power steering fluid should be either red, light brown, or clear, depending on your vehicle. If it’s black or gritty, it should be flushed.
  • Your brake fluid should be clear to light brown. If it looks like engine oil, it’s time to have it changed.

If any of your fluids are low, top the up with the correct fluid per your owner’s manual. If you’re unsure of the right type, you can buy some at the parts department. And if any of your fluids look milky, it’s crucial that you have it addressed immediately! That means there’s water in the system, and that can cause unsafe driving conditions.

If you need fluid services on your Toyota, trust the experts at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. Our friendly service team will get your vehicle fixed up right and on time so you can carry on with your day.

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