How to Get the Most From Your Test Drive

September 30th, 2016 by

When you’re buying a car, the biggest hangup is usually not the price or the payment. The most common concern is whether the vehicle you’re looking into will fit your needs. And in this aspect, there’s a truly simple solution. It’s a good, old-fashioned test drive.

Sure, you’ve gone for a test drive in your potential car purchase. But does that quick jaunt around a few city blocks really count? The engine has barely warmed up and you haven’t settled into the seat yet. And while it’s not common practice to go for lengthy test drives, you can make the most out of your time behind the wheel.

Here’s how to get the most from your new car test drive.

Settle in.

Before you hit the road for a test drive, get comfortable in the car. Sit in the driver’s seat while the salesperson tells you about all the features. Even if you tune out the information, you’ll begin to feel what the car is like comfort-wise. Glance around — do you have a good, clear view? Adjust your mirrors and seat position. Spend as long as you can in the seat because there’s nothing worse than buying a car that’s not comfortable to you.

Go through the paces.

Make sure your salesperson understands your daily routine, and plan a route that would be as similar as possible to your usual travels. A combination of highway and city driving is always a good idea so you know how the car will perform in all conditions.

Drive on smooth roads and rough roads. Accelerate from a stop and zip around in traffic. Get familiar with the car’s response and decide if it meets your expectations.

Load it up.

If you’re used to carrying a vehicle full of passengers, bring them along for the test drive. If you have child seats that need to be installed, make sure they fit where you want them to be. Treat the test drive as much like a normal day’s drive so you can assess whether the vehicle meets your actual needs.

Park the car.

It sounds strange, but make sure you can comfortably park in any position. Are you able to reverse into a parking stall or parallel park the new Toyota? Are you comfortable navigating in a parking lot?

Once you’re satisfied that your potential new vehicle will suit your needs, you can go through the rest of the sales process. And that’s the easy part at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, because we’re here to help you! We have competitive pricing, but most of all, you can’t beat our service.

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