How to Use and Set Entune Navigation

January 25th, 2019 by

You’ve purchased a new Toyota with Entune Navigation. Nothing can stop you now…except a few little tidbits of information on how to use your navigation system It looks daunting but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. You’ll be screaming through Ballwin, MO and all across the countryside in no time, guided by detailed maps from Toyota’s Entune Navigation.
Here are some basic instructions for how to use your Toyota’s Entune Navigation system from the one and only Brad Gilbert, product specialist at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County.

Entune Navigation Map Features

Traffic Volume

From the HOME view, you’ll see half the screen as a color map. You can leave it at that or, better yet, tap on the touchscreen to bring the map into fullscreen mode.
On the map, notice the routes are different colors and have symbols on them. Your Entune Navigation maps indicate which routes are slow, which have construction, and which to avoid.

Destination Search

Select ‘Dest.’ at the bottom of the touchscreen and a brave new world of icons appears. You can type in a physical address, a destination, a point of interest, or select someone from your address book and get turn-by-turn navigation instructions to reach your destination.

Setting Your Home Address

For your first use, you’ll be able to set the location you call home. Use your own address – anything else is kind of creepy! Tap ‘Go Home’ at the bottom left of the screen. Select ‘Address’ to start. Select your state, city, street name, and enter the address number. Now your ‘Go Home’ preset is entered. When you tap it, you’ll see the quickest, shortest, and most accurate routes to get to your destination.

Finding a POI

Do you travel outside your normal homebase area? Select Point of Interest on the screen. When you choose ‘Near Here’, you can select categories to browse. Use this to find restaurants, attractions, gas stations, and more, no matter what city or state you might be in.

Toyota’s Entune Navigation system is available on most models in the Toyota lineup. Visit Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County to learn more about it or to find a vehicle equipped with navigation.

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