How to Use Toyota Entune

August 27th, 2018 by

How to Use Toyota Entune

New Toyota vehicles are packed with innovative features that can enhance your in-car experience as well as improve convenience. But it only becomes a better, more convenient experience if you know how to use them. While Toyota Entune is a relatively intuitive system to operate, you might wonder how to use some of its basic features. Here’s a quick rundown on how to use Toyota Entune infotainment systems.

The Apps Button

One of the awesome features of Toyota Entune is that it emulates a smartphone. Simply press the ‘APPS’ button and all currently available apps are displayed. WIth Entune’s touchscreen, just swipe left and right to see apps on additional pages. Then, when you find the right one, a light press on the app icon gets you going.

The Back Button

When you’re in an app, there can be several menus to navigate. If you click the wrong thing, you don’t have to press the ‘HOME’ button and start all over. The arrow on the top right corner is a ‘BACK’ button and will retrace your steps, one step at a time.

The ‘HOME’ Button

Speaking of the ‘HOME’ button, it’s the one you’ll likely use the most. One press of the physical ‘HOME’ button will bring you to a customizable home screen. It has your two most used apps active. Click on the side you’d like to use and it expands to full screen.

The Audio Button

Of course, you want tunes while you drive. Pressing the ‘AUDIO’ button displays your current audio selection – radio, SiriusXM, Bluetooth streaming, CD, or whatever selection you have going. The audio screen lets you easily choose a new source and change tracks or channels.

The Phone Button

If you have your Bluetooth-capable phone paired with your Toyota, a single press on the button with a phone icon opens the app. Select a name from your phonebook, then choose a number to dial. Or, you can use voice commands to navigate the Bluetooth menu also. That’s the better option to use while you’re driving.

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