Make It Last with a Toyota Oil Change

April 27th, 2018 by

In their teenage years and through college, lots of people work in a restaurant. It’s a great career for countless people also. And whether you’re a server, line cook, or dishwasher, you know that that religiously the deep fryer gets its oil switched out. And for many of the same purposes, your Toyota oil change is important.

Okay, so you won’t be changing the engine oil every week. But ensuring you have your Toyota oil change completed when it is due has some of the same benefits as the deep fryer, but without the calories.

Why a Toyota Oil Change is So Important

It gets rid of the gunk

When you change the oil in a deep fryer, all those crispy bits are flushed out. In your Toyota’s engine, gunk can build up inside if the engine oil isn’t kept clean. Not only does changing the oil drain out a bunch of that sludge, but the fresh, clean oil that’s put in washes away deposits too.

It rejuvenates its effectiveness

In a Toyota oil change, the engine oil helps prevent friction and heat from building up inside. The lubricating properties in engine oil diminish during its use, so it’s crucial to put new oil in from time to time. The same goes for the deep fryer – everything comes out dark and burnt when you have old oil…not to mention it tastes bad.

It forms a protective barrier

Hot cooking oil actually forms a protective layer on the outside of the food so that heat can be conducted into it without absorbing oil. It’s like engine oil – it forms a protective barrier on moving parts so they don’t rub against each other. Your Toyota oil change ensures that protective barrier remains.


A deep fryer and your Toyota’s engine are very different. But there are similarities in how their oil functions. And to ensure you can get to your favorite fast food spot, keep your Toyota oil change up to date. Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County would be happy to help! Give us a call or stop in online to schedule your next oil change.  

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