Pair an iPhone to Your Entune Audio System

January 21st, 2019 by

If the front of your vehicle has the Toyota symbol and the back of your smartphone has a bitten apple, this information is for you! Hands-free connectivity is one of the most important safety features in any vehicle, whether it’s a 4Runner like this one, a Highlander, a Tundra pickup, a compact Corolla, or a best-selling Camry. Learning to pair an iPhone to your Entune system, though, is the first step to establishing that hands-free connection.
Product Specialist at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, Brad Gilbert, walks you through how to pair an iphone to Toyota’s Entune Audio system. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard or convoluted, but it goes so much smoother with a bit of guidance.

How to Pair an iPhone to Entune Audio

You can initiate the pairing process on your Entune-equipped Toyota with the ignition on or with the engine running and in Park. For obvious safety reasons, you can’t begin pairing a device when you’re in gear or driving.

Press the APPS Button

On your infotainment display, press the APPS button to navigate to the menu that contains PHONE. Press PHONE to start the pairing sequence.

”Would you like to add one now?”

Next, a dialog box pops up that asks if you’d like to pair a device. Obviously, select YES if you want to pair your iPhone. If you got here by mistake or don’t have your phone ready in hand, press NO - you can always come back later and start again.

Begin Pairing Sequence on Your iPhone

The Entune screen now displays the pairing information for your vehicle. You’ll need to match it up to your iPhone’s details. Go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and scroll to the bottom of the screen where it shows Other Devices. See the matching information from your Entune screen? Good. Tap it. Pairing is successful.

Sync Your Contacts

A box pops up on your iPhone screen this time, asking if you want to sync your contacts and favorites. Of course, you do. When you select Allow, it begins to sync that info.

Almost Done…

The radio display shows the Device Setup screen, indicating which services you want Entune to use your phone for. It also shows your device name at the top right. If it’s all correct, click OK. It takes a few moments for contacts to pair and update, but you’ve now successfully paired an iPhone to Entune!

If you have any questions or need assistance to pair an iPhone to your Entune Audio system, we’re here to help. Call or stop in at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County to get your iPhone working perfectly with your Toyota.

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