Popular Toyota Accessories for your Corolla

May 12th, 2017 by

You love your choice of new Toyota cars, the 2017 Corolla. It has a sporty design, a fantastic look, and it drives like a dream. That’s probably why the Corolla is so popular. The downside can be due to that popularity – you want to make your Corolla unique, just like you are. Don’t fret! Popular Toyota accessories can make your Corolla stand out in a crowd.

A Few of the Toyota Accessories Available for the 2017 Corolla

Rear Bumper Protector

You’re constantly using the spacious trunk on your Corolla, putting things in and taking them out. A rear bumper protector can be purchased and installed at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, enhancing the look at the rear of your car. It does more than just look good, though. The rear bumper protector prevents scratches on your rear bumper as you pass things over the threshold.

Illuminated Door Sills

They aren’t flashy…until you open the doors. You can equip your 2017 Toyota Corolla with illuminated door sill plates that light up when you open the door. The brushed aluminum plates prevent the typical scratches on your door sills while dramatically enhancing your Corolla’s appearance.

TRD Performance Exhaust

Stand out a little more with a prominent exhaust note and a flashy tailpipe. You can have a TRD Performance exhaust installed on your new Corolla for a deeper sound and more resonance. A trained eye will notice the improved looks, but it won’t take a trained ear to recognize just how good the TRD Performance exhaust sounds. It fits using all the factory mounting equipment as well!

TRD Lowering Springs

If you crave an even sportier ride, look no further. TRD lowering springs are available for your 2017 Corolla, dropping your car’s center of gravity and improving handling and responsiveness around corners.


Whichever Genuine Toyota accessories you choose, have them installed at the time of purchase to have your accessories covered under your factory comprehensive warranty. If you install them yourself, they are still backed by a one-year warranty for your satisfaction.


Visit Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County to customize your Corolla with popular Toyota accessories. We have an excellent selection in stock and professional installation is always available in our service department.

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