Road Tripping this Summer? You Need Games for Kids!

July 22nd, 2016 by

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Road Tripping this Summer? You Need Games for Kids!

Summer is a time for adventure and fun, especially for kids. With a two-month break from school classes, the opportunities are endless for a family vacation. And if you’re headed out on the highway for a road trip, you’ll want to quell the endless “Are we there yet” before it starts. You can do that with games for kids.

Whether you’re headed a county over, across state lines, or across the country, you’re going to want some peace and quiet. And if you can’t have quiet, at least you can have orderly fun with some friendly car games.

Here are five games for kids that you can play in the car.

I Spy

It’s a classic game for road trips, and it’s timeless. You know how it works: someone picks an object of a certain color and says the phrase, “I spy with my little eye something that is____”. Everyone else takes a turn guessing characteristics of the item, culminating in a guess as to the item’s identity. You can set rules that may include only items inside the car can be chosen.

License Plate Game

This is one of those games for kids that are school age. The goal is to collect the state names of license plates from all over the country, and you may even get some Canadian plates as well. All you need is paper and pencils, or you can print off a list ahead of time with all the state names that can be crossed out when sighted. Add a level of difficulty by penalizing incorrect spelling!

Count the ….

This game is best for a short time-killer or a quick distraction for restless kids. It’s super easy and is fun especially for the most energetic of kids. Just name an item to count such as minivans, horses, highway markers, or what-have-you, and let the participants do the rest.

Name the Tune

For a musical family that’s enjoying the sounds of their Toyota Entune system, this game is the bees knees. The first person to name the song title for each song that comes on the radio wins. You can award bonus points for knowing the artist name. You can make the game more interesting by scanning the stations and picking genres you normally wouldn’t listen to.


This game involves watching traffic and being the first person to notice burnt-out lights on other vehicles. Some variations involve slugging opposing players when you’re the first to see the vehicle along with yelling “Padiddle!!!” A more peaceful game has participants tap the window or the roof of the car while exclaiming “Padiddle”, resulting in fewer injuries and tears.

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