Service Basics: How to Take Care of Your Toyota Air Conditioning

September 15th, 2017 by

The fall days are getting crisp, alternating between cold and rainy and clear with frost in the morning. And occasionally, there’s the hot day that feels like summer is making a comeback. But inside your car, it’s just not comfortable anymore. It feels humid and there’s moisture on the inside of your windows that won’t dissipate. And even though it’s not summer anymore, it’s a problem with your Toyota air conditioning you have to deal with.

How to Take Care of Your Toyota Air Conditioning

Your Toyota air conditioning does more than just cool the hot air in your car’s cabin. It also removes excessive moisture that collects inside your car. There are some simple items you can address if your Toyota’s A/C isn’t working up to snuff.

Check the Cabin Air Filter

Often, it’s a problem with airflow, not the Toyota air conditioning itself. A dirty cabin air filter restricts the airflow into your vehicle, preventing you from being comfortable. A simple cabin air filter replacement is extremely inexpensive and can get you fixed up in just minutes.

Check Your Windshield Cowl

Fresh air enters from that spot by your windshield wipers, and in the fall, it can get plugged up. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can prevent airflow and cause the air inside your Toyota to get stale-smelling. Keep your Toyota clean, especially the cabin air intake.

Get Your Toyota Air Conditioning Recharged

In normal conditions, an A/C system loses 5% efficiency every year. The difference is noticeable in just a few years! You might simply need to have your car’s A/C system recharged with refrigerant to restore the air conditioning like new.

Have the System Diagnosed

If it’s not a simple concern, have it professionally diagnosed and repaired by your local Toyota dealer. In West County, that would be Jay Wolfe Toyota. Factory-trained technicians can determine what’s going on and recommend the right course of action to get it fixed up.


If your Toyota air conditioning isn’t working like it used to, don’t wait until next summer. Keep your car working right for all four seasons with A/C service and repair from Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. Precision technicians, friendly staff, and genuine Toyota parts are what you can expect on every visit.

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