So You’re In the Market for Used Hybrid Cars…

August 17th, 2018 by

Saving money at the pump is easy when you can run on electric power instead. The trouble is that the initial purchase price for a hybrid might be out of your range. So what do you do? DO you give up on your good intentions and buy a gas-guzzler? No, you take a look for used hybrid cars!

Easier said than done. Finding a vehicle that fits your needs is tough enough, but finding one that’s a hybrid too? That’s a needle in a haystack, no? Actually, at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, finding used hybrid cars is pretty easy.

Your Source for Used Hybrid Cars in Ballwin

There are more options out there than ever before when it comes to used hybrid cars. In the past few years, more models have been released with hybrid powertrains, but the standard is still Toyota.

Check out the current inventory online at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. You’ll see which used hybrid cars are available for immediate purchase including these popular Toyota hybrids.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

If you need an SUV for the growing family but want a vehicle that’s better for the environment, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a great choice. With three rows of seating, all-wheel drive, and some of the best tech on the market, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid can occasionally be found pre-owned.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

North America’s best-selling sedan is also available as a hybrid, and has been for a few years. With a spacious, lavish interior and a powerful yet efficient hybrid powertrain, the Camry Hybrid should be in the running for you next vehicle.

Toyota Prius

You have three choices in the Toyota Prius family: the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid, the Prius c, or the popular Prius. You’ll definitely get the best fuel efficiency possible plus you’ll have a proven hybrid model that holds its value extremely well.


Whether it’s one of these three Toyota hybrids, another Toyota model, or off-make used hybrid cars, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. Contact us online or in person to find out which used hybrids we have available for you.


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