Stay Centered with Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert

February 23rd, 2018 by

It happens in different ways. You’ve just left a night shift, longing for your bed. Your eyes are heavy and your blinks are getting longer as you drive home. Or, perhaps your daughter dropped her bottle in the backseat, and you’re fishing around for it with one hand while steering with the other. It could even be a distracting conversation over Bluetooth, and you aren’t giving the road the proper attention. That’s when Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert is such a valuable tool.

What Is Lane Departure Alert?

If you’re drifting too close to visible lane markings and haven’t signaled a lane change, Lane Departure Alert kicks in. It sounds an audible alarm as well as a visual cue on the dash to let you know you’re deviating from the center of your lane.

If your Toyota is equipped with Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, the electric steering system can be automatically activated to gently guide you back into the center of your lane.

How Does It Work?

A front-mounted camera detects lane markings, either white or yellow. You’ll know your Toyota is picking up the line markings when the in-cluster screen shows the lane lines solid, not just the outline.

When you drift close to the edge of your lane or outside of its markings, the system makes the alert.

If you intend to change lanes and use the turn signal, the Lane Departure Alert system won’t activate an alarm. As well, if lane markings aren’t detectable, the screen icon will show just the lane marking outlines and the system won’t activate.


Toyota’s Lane Departure alert is part of the Toyota Safety Sense suite of technologies. You’ll find it in many new Toyota models along with other driver-assistive features like Automatic High Beam and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.  


If you’re interested in learning more about Lane Departure Alert, stop in at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. We’d love to show you the amazing tech Toyota brings to the table.

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