Summer Car Care Tips for Your Toyota

June 16th, 2017 by

Summer is here and there’s no time like it to enjoy a drive. You can crank the tunes and the AC on your Toyota Camry as you head to the beach. You can roll down the windows on your Toyota 86 and hit the highway for an evening cruise. No matter where you go, you’ll want to keep your Toyota in peak condition so there aren’t any rude interruptions. Follow these summer car care tips to get the most from your Toyota.

Keep Your Car Clean

Pride of ownership is most evident when you have a clean car, and it’s part of routine summer car care. Wash your Toyota’s exterior one every week or two to get the dust and grime off the paint. Not only will it look great but it will prevent premature corrosion and damage from the elements.

Treat the interior to a good once-over as well. Pass the vacuum cleaner over the carpets, floor mats and seats, and remove any refuse or things that aren’t necessary. Carpets and upholstery free of debris will wear less. Plus, it’s more enjoyable to drive a clean car.

Summer Car Care Includes a Wax

When the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures climb, your Toyota’s paint is vulnerable to fading. Prevent premature aging on your car’s paint by applying high-quality wax at least once at the beginning of summer.

It takes a few hours to do it properly. It’s worth it in appearance and future value, though. If you can, repeat the waxing as often as the bottle says to.

Have Your Car Maintenance Performed

A breakdown is a real downer during the summer. Avoid car troubles by staying on top of your Toyota recommended maintenance. Get your oil changed on time, have your coolant condition and level checked, and get a performance test conducted on your air conditioning. And don’t forget about your tire condition and pressure!


Summer car care can go a long way to keeping your Toyota working at its best for years to come. Let Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County perform your summer car care and avoid costly and time-consuming breakdowns.


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