Why Car Maintenance is So Important

February 2nd, 2018 by

When you buy a car, it’s exciting and new. You want to just drive and enjoy your new Toyota, and you should! But there is more to car ownership than just firing up the engine and going. There’s car maintenance to consider.

How important is it to have car maintenance done on a regular basis? Some skeptics believe it’s just a way the dealership can earn more money from you, but that’s not the case at all. Proper car maintenance ensures you have a trouble-free ownership experience. Let’s look at five issues that car maintenance can help you avoid.

Why You Should Get Routine Car Maintenance

Dead Battery

You go out to start your Toyota. Your key fob doesn’t unlock the doors, and your interior lights don’t come on when you get inside. The engine doesn’t turn over when you turn the key. You have a dead battery that needs to be boosted, recharged, or replaced.

Routine car maintenance includes a battery test. It will indicate when your battery is weak or failing so you can have it replaced before you have trouble.

Engine Issues

When you’re sitting at an idle, the oil light comes on. When you’re accelerating, there’s a ticking or knocking noise from the engine. There’s just not enough power anymore.

If you don’t get your oil changed regularly, it wears your engine’s internal components. Low compression, poor oil circulation, and inefficient operation are the result, along with an expensive repair bill. All it takes to avoid engine issues are routine oil changes.

Poor Heat

Your car’s interior doesn’t warm up when it’s idling. The temperature gauge spikes to the ‘hot’ range, even when cold air still blows from your vents. Your engine might overheat, and it seems odd that it’s happening.

That’s because your engine coolant is low. During a car maintenance visit, the fluids are topped up and your car is checked for leaks. You can avoid poor heat issues with regular service visits.

Spinning Out

You can’t seem to accelerate away from the line without spinning your tires. When you come to corners, you need to slow down excessively or you risk spinning out.

A tire inspection is done on every service appointment. If you have low tread, low tire pressure, or a tire leak, it’s discovered and you can get it fixed before you have issues.

Control Issues

Driving on the highway, you’re fighting with your steering wheel. It pulls hard to one side or you car drifts around, like it has a mind of its own. Your wheel alignment is out of specifications.

If your alignment is out, your car is hard to drive. It wears your tires quickly and causes stress on your steering and suspension. At a car maintenance visit, it’s something that’s checked.


Don’t get caught with these symptoms. Car maintenance is critical to staying safe and in control of your Toyota. Visit Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County to bring your car’s maintenance up to date.

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