Toyota Dashboard Indicators You Should Know

June 29th, 2018 by

When you’re driving, you might see a funny-shaped light on your dashboard from time to time. Every one of your Toyota dashboard indicator lights has a purpose. It’s there to give you information about your car – and sometimes, that information is critical!

But you don’t always have your owner’s manual in hand to decipher what each one means. Is it important or not? A rule of thumb is about the warning light’s color. Green or blue is just an informative Toyota dashboard indicator. Yellow or amber lights are warnings that require your attention, but it’s not an immediate cause for panic. Red dashboard indicators, though, are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

That tells you what to do about lights of a certain color, but what do the indicators mean? Here are a handful of important Toyota dashboard indicators and what they mean.

Important Toyota Dashboard Indicator Lights

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Also known as the Check Engine light, a Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL is a blanket warning for most powertrain and emissions-related issues. It could be an O2 sensor, a transmission fault, a wiring issue, or one of dozens of other problems. It’s amber in color, and should be diagnosed and repaired soon.

Brake System Warning Light

An capitalized ‘BRAKE’ light is the Brake System Warning light. It’s telling you one of two things: the brake fluid is low in the reservoir or there’s a fault in the braking system. This Toyota dashboard indicator is red, so you need to have it fixed immediately for safe driving.

Charging System Warning Light

It’s a square box shaped like a car battery – that’s what it’s meant to represent! The Charging System Warning indicates that there’s a good chance your battery isn’t being replenished. Potentially an electrical, battery, or alternator issue, it could mean your car will stall or won’t start. It’s red too, so don’t put off getting it looked after.

Oil Light

If you’ve seen the little oil can-shaped light with the drip, you know it means your engine oil is low. That can be a serious issue, and soon. It’s red for a reason, so get your Toyota looked after right away to prevent major issues.

Fuel Light

It’s a little amber light shaped like the pump at the gas station. If it’s on, go fuel up your car.  


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