Toyota Warning Light Exclamation Point Meaning

Toyota Low Tire Pressure Light

If you’re seeing the above icon on your Toyota dashboard, that’s the tire pressure warning light. It indicates low tire inflation pressure.

There’s a few common reasons this light may appear. The most obvious is that one or more of your tires has a leak. However, swings in the outside air temperature can also cause low tire pressure, which also results in the tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) indicator light coming on. That’s not uncommon in the St. Louis area. In any given month the highs and lows can swing almost twenty degrees, and while that’s not particularly a problem in the summer months where the temperature can range from the 70s to 90s, it certainly can have an impact on your tire pressure in the other seasons when the daytime temperature is nice, but the nighttime temperatures drop into the low 40s, 30s, or below.

What Should I Do If My Low Tire Pressure Light Comes On?

In the event the TPMS is activated, we recommend you stop and check your tires as soon as possible and inflate them to the proper pressure. If you don’t know the correct air pressure for your vehicle, feel free to consult your owner’s manual or check the driver’s side door jam for the numbers. Once your tires are properly inflated for a safe drive, bring your vehicle to our Ballwin Toyota service center for tire service. We are conveniently located just west of St. Louis.

Do not ignore the tire pressure warning light as driving on significantly under-inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency and tire tread life, and may even affect your vehicle’s handling and stopping ability, particularly in an emergency situation.

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Having the correct air pressure in your Toyota vehicle’s tires is crucial to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable ride. If you notice your tires under performing or experience any signs that may hint to needing your tires checked, like an exclamation point warning light, leave it to the professionals at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County and contact us to schedule service today! We proudly serve St. Louis area drivers.

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*If you’re seeing a different exclamation point warning light, one accompanied by a steering wheel, it’s most likely the Electric Power Steering (EPS) warning light. This light indicates a malfunction in the EPS system and it is recommended that your bring your Toyota to a certified service center like Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County today.

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