Ways to Improve Your Trade In Value

May 4th, 2018 by

It’s time for you to get a new Toyota. The Toyota you’ve owned for the past seven years is great, but there’s a new model you want to drive. Or perhaps you’re fed up with the car you own – not a Toyota – that’s left you stranded too many times. You might be in a new life stage too, swapping out the sports car for a family-friendly minivan. But to buy a new Toyota, you need to get a good trade in value on your current car.

It’s a common concern. But with a few helpful tips, you can get the best trade in value for your current car, making it easy to choose a new Toyota model.

Tips for a Better Trade In Value

Clean up your car

Essentially, you want someone to ‘buy’ it from you. How do you get the most value for it? It has to show nicely. Give your car a good exterior wash. Clean the alloy rims until they sparkle and clean the glass to a streak-free shine. Vacuum the interior and wipe down the dash and console. Or, if you don’t have the time, get it professionally detailed.

Make sure you have tire tread

If the dealer appraises your car and your tires are worn out, you can slash hundreds of dollars off your trade in value immediately. That’s an expense the dealer will have to incur to sell it on the used car lot. Instead, if your tires are worn out, have a new set (or good used) set installed before you trade it in.

Fix minor issues

The Check Engine light might be on, or there could be a knocking noise from the suspension. If you’ve had it inspected and the cost is reasonable, fix it before. You’ll get a better trade in value because there are fewer issues when the car is appraised.

Bring service records

You can’t argue with physical records. Keep your maintenance records in a binder and bring them along when you trade in your car. It proves to the dealer that you’ve cared for the car, and it builds you trade in value because they can confidently know the car’s been kept up.


If you want to trade your car in for the latest Toyota, let us help. At Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County, we’ll give you a fair trade in value, no matter what make or model you drive.

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