The Weather Is Cooling Off But Air Conditioning is Still Important

September 2nd, 2016 by

Air Conditioning Controls

The Weather Is Cooling Off But Air Conditioning is Still Important

Summer may be coming to a close. Sure, there are still some beautiful, hot and sunny days to come. But the leaves are turning a little more yellow and the temperatures are cooling off a bit. And if your Toyota’s air conditioning isn’t working at its best, you might be thinking you’ll just wait until next year.

That’s probably not the best idea, though, and here’s why:

Air conditioning isn’t just a summer feature. Your Toyota’s A/C doesn’t just operate when the temperatures are steamy. It works year-round, whether you realize it or not.

Air conditioning is responsible for drawing moisture out of the air inside your vehicle’s cabin. It does so by circulating refrigerant through the A/C system. There’s an evaporator coil inside your dash where water vapor collects to be drained outside. While air conditioning can also make it refreshing and cool inside your car, the lowered humidity contributes a whole bunch to your comfort.

Reduced humidity does other things for you, too. When it’s raining outside, it keeps your windshield from fogging up. When it’s snowing, it prevents condensation on the inside of your glass.

In many cases, your Toyota’s air conditioning operates behind the scenes, without you knowing at all. Whenever you set the heater controls to defrost or blend, the air conditioning is operating. The little snowflake light may not illuminate, but the A/C is still cycling to keep you comfortable and your windows clear.

That means that your Toyota’s air conditioning could be considered a safety feature, not just a comfort and convenience option.

A/C problems could be minor or more involved. Each year, you lose around 5 percent of your air conditioning’s efficiency simply because of normal refrigerant loss. Your A/C may just need to be recharged, without any repair required. Or, it could be a leak in the evaporator, condenser, a failed compressor, or a leaking hose.

Since your air conditioning contributes to safe driving, don’t you owe it to yourself to get it checked out? If your Toyota’s A/C isn’t operating at its best, get it checked out by the experts at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. We’ll help you get it up and running professionally and efficiently.

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