What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

November 25th, 2016 by

You’ve used cruise control before, especially traveling on the highway. You set your speed at the rate you want to travel, but it’s almost assured that you’ll have to adjust your cruising speed because of other traffic at some time. With adaptive cruise control, you no longer have to tap your brakes because of annoying slower traffic!

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Toyota calls it Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and it changes the way you drive! It detects traffic ahead of you and adjusts your speed to keep you at a safe distance. Adaptive cruise control uses a radar sensor in the front bumper as well as a front-mounted camera to detect vehicles ahead of you. If you’re getting close, the cruise control system will automatically adjust the speed to keep a safe distance away.

How Do I Use Dynamic Radar Cruise Control on my Toyota?

DRCC is extremely easy to use. Much like conventional cruise control systems, you set the cruise control at your desired rate of travel.

When you set your cruising speed, it’s displayed on the Multi-Information Display on your instrument cluster, along with shaded lines beside. The shaded lines indicate predetermined following distances from traffic ahead, from short to extra long. Your steering wheel controls have a button to press that adjusts your following distance, and it’s relative to the speed you’re traveling.

When your Toyota detects another vehicle in your lane ahead of you, it automatically adjusts your speed without requiring you to brake. It maintains your pre-set following distance, even down to a stop! You can resume your cruise control speed simply by tapping your accelerator, and you’re good to go!

Keep in mind that Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is a convenience feature. You should always be prepared to respond in the event emergency braking is required. Adaptive cruise control won’t brake hard enough for fast stops. If you’d prefer, you can use DRCC as a standard cruise control system until you become familiar and comfortable with how it works.

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