What is Your Road Trip Destination in Your New Toyota?

December 16th, 2016 by

It’s not about where you’re going. It’s all about how you get there. Although, if you’re choosing a road trip destination, you want to have fun when you arrive.

If you have a new Toyota, you just won’t want to leave the driver’s seat. RAV4, Corolla iM, Camry Hybrid, Prius, Tundra — they’re all great vehicles to spend some time together on a road trip. So pack your bags, grab a map (Google Maps will do), and hit the open road for some adventure.

Yellowstone National Park

It’s a long trip through beautiful country, and you’re going to find out just how comfortable your seats are. Head west nearly 1,500 miles into Wyoming and you’ll come across one of the coolest attractions in the United States.
See the hot springs, watch Old Faithful, catch sight of wildlife and waterfalls, and enjoy the pure nature around you.

San Francisco Bay Area

It isn’t all about the bridge, although the Golden Gate Bridge is neat. If you head to the west coast, you’ll want to check out the fabulous shopping, dining, and maybe even surfing this temperate climate has to offer. An absolute must-see is Fisherman’s Wharf, where you’ll catch the ferry to Alcatraz.

The Bay Area is a little over 2,000 miles from Ballwin, MO, so be sure to bring some games and DVDs for the car ride.

New Orleans

You don’t have to visit for Mardi Gras to have a good time in New Orleans. And if you’re a foodie or audiophile, you’re in luck all year round. Made famous for Creole cuisine and Jazz music, New Orleans is a different world from what you’re used to. Visit Bourbon Street after dark to get the most of your stay, where you can dine on some of the finest shrimp dishes while being entertained by live music.

The city of New Orleans is a straight shot south of Ballwin, just a day’s drive. You’ll add 700 miles to your odometer one-way.

Oklahoma Science Museum

If you want a trip you can manage in a day’s drive, think about Oklahoma. The Science Museum is a popular sight, containing an ever-changing array of displays and interactive experiments. The Science Museum is right next to the Oklahoma City Zoo, so when your kids turn to monkeys, you can drop them off next door.

Oklahoma City is southwest of Ballwin on I-44. You’ll get there in roughly 500 miles.

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