What You Should Do for Wheel Maintenance

June 15th, 2018 by

Take a look at your car. What’s the first thing you see from the side? The most visually appealing parts of your car, Toyota or otherwise, are the wheels. They’re like jewelry, spinning and shimmering in the sun, wrapped in a contrasting black tire. But as your car ages, those wheels don’t look the same anymore. The shape hasn’t changed, but they’re dirty and that changes your car’s whole look. Worse yet, a car wash doesn’t get all the grime off the wheels either. But a little bit of wheel maintenance will get them looking like new once again.

What Wheel Maintenance Looks Like

Don’t worry, wheel maintenance isn’t difficult. It will take a few minutes of your time and a few good products, but soon the gleam will be back.

Wheel maintenance has two parts: the rims and the tires. Both are important to achieving a showroom finish at the end.

How to Clean Rims

Your first step is always a thorough car wash. It gets the easy stuff off the surface and keeps your other cleaning materials in better condition.

After a car wash is done, spray a wheel and rim cleaner onto the face of your wheel. Let it soak for a bit – make sure to follow the product instructions. After it sits, use a soft-bristled brush to agitate the dirt and grime on the surface. Then, rinse your wheel.

A clean rim can be wiped down with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. There’s no need for a wheel shine spray, and it actually helps the dirt stick to the wheel afterward.

How to Clean Tires

Again, start with a car wash. Then, spray tire cleaner – also known as tire dressing – onto an applicator pad. Use the non-gloss type of tire cleaner if you can. Wipe the dressing onto the tire in a smooth, circular fashion. Don’t use too much or it will drip on your just-cleaned rim!

No need to wipe the dressing off. Your tire should now look as black as the day you bought the car!

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