Why are Toyota Recalls Issued?

April 7th, 2017 by

There’s been frequent news in the past few years about recalls of all kinds, and that includes a few Toyota recalls. It’s understandable that there has been some concern, and you can be certain that Toyota and Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County stay abreast of any recalls that are issued.

You might wonder why Toyota recalls are issued in the first place. How does a car company decide when a vehicle needs to be recalled?

Why Toyota Recalls are Issued

Of paramount concern is your safety and the safety of all Toyota’s customers. For that reason, every vehicle goes through ongoing testing both by Toyota and outside agencies. This testing continues long after vehicles go into production and hit the road.

Occasionally, a trend is noted in part failures, particularly in safety components. That’s where recalls like the Takata airbag inflators comes in. These parts are then recalled. A recall notice is sent to every customer whose vehicle contains that piece. In most cases, it’s inspected and either passes or fails. If it fails, the part is replaced. And, in other recalls, the part is replaced without the need for an inspection.

Who Issues Recalls?

In nearly every circumstance, Toyota recalls are a voluntary recall. That means that the discrepancy has been discovered by Toyota. They issue a recall of their own volition with the intention of keeping their customers safe and content. They inform the Department of Transportation and their customers are notified.

Governing bodies such as the NHTSA can issue recalls as well, under the authority of the Department of Transportation.


The most important part of a recall is YOU. The intent of a recall is to ensure your safety and satisfaction with your Toyota. Through continuous testing and product quality checks, Toyota aims to completely satisfy their customers with their exceptional products and outstanding service.


If you have a Toyota recall or would like to check if a recall applies to your vehicle, call Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. Our expert service team would love to help you out.

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