Why Is My Engine Overheating?

May 18th, 2018 by

Whether you drive a new car or one with a few years under its belts, problems can happen. Just one of the potential issues that can come up is engine overheating. But it’s more than your Toyota’s engine getting too hot. It’s an indication that something is amiss and needs attention.

Signs of Engine Overheating

Wondering how you know your engine is overheating? There are a few pretty clear signs.

  • If your Toyota’s instrument cluster has a temperature gauge, you’ll see it climb up into the red.
  • Whether your dash has a gauge or not, you’ll get a warning light or message on your dash.
  • You might see green or orange coolant on the ground under the front of your car.
  • There could be steam from under your hood – it could be a wisp of white or a cloud billowing out.

Is Overheating Really a Big Deal?

Yes! It’s a big deal, and here’s why. If you have the engine overheating, the excess temperature is going to damage more than what’s already wrong. Most people have at least heard about an expensive repair known as a blown head gasket. It’s often the result of your engine overheating too often or for too long. In fact, your engine overheating just once can cause it!

What’s Wrong with My Car?

Wondering why your car is overheating? It could be a few different things. Perhaps your cooling system has a blockage in it, often caused by a cooling system that wasn’t flushed when it was due. The water pump, which circulates the hot coolant in the engine to the radiator, might not be working as it should. The engine thermostat that regulates the engine temperature could be stuck closed. Or, there could be a leak somewhere, and the coolant is low in the engine.


A technician will need to look at your Toyota to determine the cause. One thing is for sure – don’t delay! If your engine is overheating, bring it to Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County where we’ll diagnose the problem and advise you of the needed repair.

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