Why You Should Choose Toyota Financing

April 28th, 2017 by

You’ve settled on a new Toyota model to buy. A Yaris or Prius for exceptional fuel efficiency. A Land Cruiser for the ultimate in rugged luxury. A 4Runner for off-roading prowess, or a Corolla or Camry for the best of your daily commute. Now all that’s left is completing the purchase. How should you go through with it? Should you use your bank or should you choose Toyota financing?

Why Toyota Financing is Good for You

You could go through your own financial institution. You have a longstanding history with your bank and you’re confident you’ll be approved. Is it your best option? Maybe not. In most situations, Toyota financing can’t be beat and here’s why:

Low Interest Rates on New Cars

At the Toyota dealership, you’ll see competitive interest rates posted. 2.9 percent, 1.9 percent – even 0 percent interest – are available on some models at certain times throughout the year. And regardless of the month you decide to buy, the available interest rate is almost guaranteed to be better than your bank rate.

It’s an Open Loan

Some car loans through banks and financial institutions are closed loans. That means you must continue to make your monthly payments until the loan is complete, even if you have the money to pay it off early or reduce your term. With Toyota financing, you can make extra payments or pay your car loan in full at any time, without any fees.

Added Benefits Available!

Are you a veteran or active-duty military member? Toyota financing thanks you for your service with an additional discount. Are you a student who is about to graduate or has just completed your degree? There’s a perk for you as well! With Toyota, it’s more than just another car loan. You receive added benefits for special circumstances.

Flexible Terms

Whether you want a short-term loan or an extended term with low payments, Toyota financing offers a solution. You can rest assured that whatever your financial situation, you’ll have access to a financing term that fits your budget.


Learn more about the Toyota finance options available to you, at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. We’d love to help you get into the driver’s seat of a new Toyota today!

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