What Does this Warning Light Mean?

December 9th, 2016 by

Without question, Toyota vehicles have embraced the sophisticated technological advances throughout the years. Whether you’ve chosen the Yaris, the Highlander, the RAV4 or the Avalon, there are systems in place to enhance safety and control when you’re driving. And along with all those advances, there are warning lights to let you know of issues.

How are you supposed to know what all those warning lights on your dash mean? Blue, green, yellow, red — does the color mean anything? Here’s a bit of help about what your warning lights mean.

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light is an amber-colored light on your dash. It’s shaped like the side profile of the motor, and it’s not actually just for the engine. It’s actually called the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) and indicates any of dozens of issues that may occur. From engine concerns or transmission problems, and even emissions and sensor failures, the Check Engine light is the most common warning light you’ll see.

If it comes on solid, you should schedule to have your Toyota diagnosed in the near future. If the Check Engine light flashes, it should be checked right away.

Tire Pressure Monitor Light

Another amber-colored light is the TPMS light, and it’s shaped like a cutaway of a flat tire. It tells you of tire pressure concerns, intended as an early warning to prevent tire-related accidents. If it’s on solid, there’s a tire pressure issue that needs to be corrected. If it’s flashing, there’s a programming or sensor problem that needs repair.

Battery Light

The battery light is red, and shaped like a battery. It comes on when the alternator isn’t charging the battery or there’s a diminished charge in the battery itself. If you see the battery light on when your car is running, you need to get in for service sooner rather than later. If you battery dies, your car can stall and you’re going to need a tow.

ABS Warning Light

Your ABS light is also yellow, and clearly spells out ABS for anti-lock braking system. It affects your ability to stop on slippery or loose surfaces as well as your traction control system and at times, your all-wheel-drive system if equipped. Because it’s brake related, it’s a good idea to get in for service sooner rather than later.

What does the color of the warning light mean?

If a warning light is blue or green, it’s simply an indication of a system like cruise control or high-beam headlights. A warning light that is amber, is saying there’s an issue that requires attention at your convenience. If the light is red, you need to address the concern right away.

If you have a warning light on in your Toyota or need repairs for your vehicle, trust the experts at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. We know your vehicle inside and out, and we’ll get it back in good order in no time.

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