When Should I Get My Toyota Oil Change?

November 19th, 2017 by
171117 oil

Routine maintenance is a fact of live in vehicle ownership, and new Toyota models are not exempt. For years, Toyota vehicles have been known to have the lowest cost of ownership, and that includes routine maintenance. But we all know that engines require an oil change from time to time. Your engine oil has critical…

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Summer Car Care Tips for Your Toyota

June 16th, 2017 by

Summer is here and there’s no time like it to enjoy a drive. You can crank the tunes and the AC on your Toyota Camry as you head to the beach. You can roll down the windows on your Toyota 86 and hit the highway for an evening cruise. No matter where you go, you’ll…

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How to Touch Up Paint on Your Toyota

June 2nd, 2017 by

It never fails. You park safely away from everyone in the parking lot, or all alone in the driveway, and you come out to a scratch on your car. You take great pride in your Toyota, and it’s frustrating when you find a new scratch in the paint. But don’t worry – you can touch…

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Important Car Maintenance That’s Often Neglected

April 14th, 2017 by
twc maintenance

You get your oil changes done faithfully and your tire rotations done on time, every time. That means your Toyota is properly maintained, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. There’s more to car maintenance that is often neglected by car owners. In your Toyota owner’s manual, the maintenance guide indicates services that need to be performed…

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Can You Stop? These are Common Brake Issues

March 17th, 2017 by
twc brakes

You drive to work the same way every day. But yesterday, your brakes were squealing and today it’s a grinding noise. All of the sudden, you have brake issues. What gives?   Parts on your car wear out – it’s a simple fact of car ownership. While some parts wear out unexpectedly, others are designed…

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What is ToyotaCare?

February 3rd, 2017 by

You’ve been comparing vehicles and keep coming back to a Toyota. The benefits that Toyota vehicles bring to the table are just outstanding, and one such benefit is ToyotaCare. But what is it all about, and why is it important to you? What ToyotaCare Includes Like its name describes, ToyotaCare is a way to keep…

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How to Check Your Fluids

December 30th, 2016 by

Now or old, maintaining your Toyota is a requirement if you want it to last. Tire rotations, oil changes, annual inspections — all are routine maintenance items you should have us perform for you. But in between services, you should be doing your part too. You should know how to check your fluids, and when…

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Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

November 18th, 2016 by

No matter how much you want to avoid the icy, snowy road conditions that come along with winter, it’s inevitably going to hit. And for at least a few months, you’ll have to settle into the routine of winter driving. Are you ready for that? More importantly, is your car ready for it? Winter driving…

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Rustproofing is Right for You, and Here’s Why

October 28th, 2016 by

Rustproofing is Right for You, and Here’s Why As you drive through Missouri, you undoubtedly pass by some vehicles that have seen better days. Their paint is faded, there may be dents, and you might even see rust holes through the door sills and over the fenders. It’s clear to anyone that looks on the…

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How to Get the Best Fuel Economy

September 9th, 2016 by

How to Get the Best Fuel Economy In the news, revolutionary technologies are announced almost weekly that could dramatically change how our vehicles are powered or improve fuel economy. Solar technology, electric hybrid and fuel cell advancements, and alternate fuels are under development. Most vehicles on the road today are still powered by gasoline, though,…

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